Lefkes Unternehmensberatung GmbH

The best practical

Only the person who has assumed responsibility for practical application can give advice.  
(Christoph Lefkes founder and managing director of
Lefkes Unternehmensberatung GmbH)

We are a network of experienced managers and businesspeople.

As an international network of experienced managers and creative businesspeople, we are guided by complex, practical business skills and experience in operational implementation from leading, multinational trading firms. So, trading is no “presentation sheet” to us, but our personal development. In plain language, we have a grasp of various markets and their interdependencies. We combine solid industry skills based on 25 years’ trading experience and the knowledge of field-tested management methods.

From planning to leftover liquidation, we have detailed knowhow and experts with field experience in all main topics. With this core competence, we identify chains of causes, effects and actions of processes as well as the necessity of IT changes. We include this knowledge in our decisions.

We purposely apply project- and change-management methodology, always in combination with expertise and experience in its practical implementation.

The greatest hurdle is the conversion of ideas into actions. We are good at transforming ideas and strategies through projects and programmes.
(Roland Dumont du Voitel – founder of amontis AG and our partner)

We take the view that consulting always has to provide added value to you as a client, which we are happy to be judged by. Our maxims are feasibility, long-lasting efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. That is why we pursue an integral, systemic consulting approach that includes and combines the following priorities:

  • Contractual-capacity and sustainability testing
  • Business-process and (IT) architecture management
  • Governance, programme, project, and change management
  • Strategic portfolio, dependency, and knowledge management
  • Risk management
  • Crisis intervention
  • Training and mentor programmes as well as interim management

We apply an integral/systemic mode of operation because …

  • Strategy must be based on understandable business skills
  • Technical and strategic requirements can only be implemented when organisation, processes, and technology come together
  • Operational changes and IT systems must always be of overall practical use as well
  • Successful projects and programmes are always based on qualified knowledge of a company and its structures
  • Project and programme management for specialist areas and IT have to speak one language
  • We do not view governance as formalism, but as targeted management
  • We always focus and keep an eye on the effects
  • Consultancy can only be effective after implementation

For consulting, we use trade-related specialist topologies and reference models specifically designed by us for business processes and development stages. In all consulting phases, they serve as guideline/checklist and to identify requirements.

We think in terms of participation because we aim to involve people there where they can determine for themselves to make a relevant contribution and assume responsibility as well. That is why we help companies with training and coaching to go their own way and build knowledge and skills or we assume that responsibility for them as interim executives.