Lefkes Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Actual development
is only possible if we 
jointly commit to it.

If you think you have everything under control,
you are still not going fast enough. (Mario Andretti – Race-car driver)

You are a decision-maker and executive in your company and bear considerable responsibility for your organisation. You shape the future of your business and expect solutions to concrete tasks and objectives, results-oriented benefit and knowledge development in your company. 

That is why it is important that you continue to be informed about all relevant topics and ask yourself key questions such as:

  • Does your company’s project business also continue to grow?
  • Are you aware of the actual number of your current projects, do they have a bearing on strategy and are they interdependent?
  • Which cooperations, processes, services and partners should be integrated in your current business model?
  • Which internal and external developments determine your contractual capacity and competitiveness?
  • How do you plan to improve your company’s capacity for innovation?
  • Which training and mentor programmes contribute to the continuity of the contractual capacity of your company?
  • Where can costs be cut without applying the “lawnmower method”?

If you don’ feel comfortable to answer all these questions, we will identify only those fields of action in which you actually require support by measuring performance and taking stock—Email us at kontakt@lefkes-gmbh.de.

Why you? Only the person who accepts change will find answers to the future.

Future equals change and the willingness to change starts with management.

The acceptance of knowledge management, risk culture and actual employee participation is crucial to our cooperation. That is why we value companies’ qualification, openness, will to change and their desire to create professional advantages. 

We give specific advice on change processes to responsible parties such as executive boards, managing directors, executives, HR managers and teams. With our long-time focus on practical application, we support medium-sized trading companies in Germany and Europe, corporate groups and brand leaders, Internet start-ups, but also companies which face restructuring through mergers and acquisitions.

Why trade? Only the person who focusses can go deeper into things.

Trading companies operate under constantly changing circumstances such as new global players, new sales channels (mobile devices, etc.), new business models (outlet centres, etc.) or technological challenges (new types of payment methodes, search and recommendation engines). This plethora of on-going changes requires trading companies and trade-related service providers to willingly allow variety and cooperation and integrate them profitably and purposefully.

Our field of competence is trading in all its forms such as business models, organisational structures, processes, service and performance interfaces, IT systems and, in particular, the people involved. To do so, we combine solid industry skills—based on 25 years’ trading experience—and knowledge of effective management methods. We are specialised in trade and trade-related services and our industry expertise includes retail trade, wholesale trade, mail-order trade and multichannel trade.

Why now? Only the person who faces the problems can solve them.

No-one does things “perfectly;” we all learn from practice and theory.

An acute task, which we will assume responsibility for, is crisis intervention in current programmes or projects, when there is a need for change, change processes, the will to change and need for action. We support programmes and major projects in a challenging environment as well as structures and processes. We help in a solution-oriented manner when there is a need for technical advice. To us, risk management does not mean providing a semblance of precision, but the willingness to tackle and compensate difficulties with a view to the future. Guaranteed confidentiality and (expert) knowledge are the basic premises of the cooperation.

Please reserve 60 minutes of your time for an initial meeting and make an appointment at kontakt@lefkes-gmbh.de.